Appraisal Purposes:


  • Insurance /Retail Replacement – For obtaining an insurance rider, we provide you a replacement valuation that includes the appropriate coverage for the current market.  The level of accuracy and detail that is included in this report makes it possible to identify or have duplicates recreated of your precious jewelry items in case something should happen to them.
  • Settling an Estate (Probate) – If you are an executor, an accounting firm, a law firm or a guardian you require a proper appraisal in order to represent your client’s best interest. We are detailed and professional in the handling of family heirlooms.
  • Divorce – This is a fair market value report for an equal division of common property. We can provide an impartial, correct and fair evaluation.
  • Bankruptcy, Collateral or Liquidation
  • Charitable Contribution
  • Hypothetical Valuation (Post Loss) or Damage


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